New Year Wishes

Happy New Year ………. a strange greeting to offer to all and sundry when you think about it. Some people are having a terrible time: some are newly bereaved, some are overcome by the events of the past year, some are sick……. so Happy New Year, can be thoughtless at times. But life is all about coping with what comes. I have been thinking a lot about choices rececently. We cannot always be certain that our choices are for the best, but we have to live with them nonetheless.

It is at this time of year that I look back and think of friends and relatives all over the world. I also think of those who have died, and know that they are still very much alive in me. We should never underestimate the way we affect those lives we touch. I am the product of my upbringing and encounters with folk along the way. No-one else has walked my walk. I am grateful to those who have walked beside me. As a Christian, I cannot imagine not knowing that Jesus is with me. I can't explain it, nor do I want to. (Terrible admission for a Minister I suppose) – but I am deeply thankful, and in the hardest times of life it is important to hang o­n tight even in the reality of there being no words.

I'll content myself with saying – A peaceful New Year…….

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3 Responses to New Year Wishes

  1. Anonymous says:

    “As a Christian , I cannot imagine not knowing that Jesus is with me”

    A wonderful tribute and testimony Freda. Certainly not a terrible admission , not wishing to explain it when you have already said it. You continue saying it , because that’s what the world needs to hear.

    I wish you and your family a happy and peaceful New Year for 2005.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like you, I feel those words to be inappropriate, given recent events.
    Wishing folks a peaceful new year seems entirely appropriate.
    The Christian in you is mirrorred all over thw world, as others like you respond with their hearts to the plight of other sould. It needs no explaining. We just are and know we are, and do as we have been guided to do by the master himself. You say no-one has walked your particular path. That may be so, but many have shared part of it and been touched by your ministry.
    Thank you for being there.

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